UX writer and localizer

specialized in the Dutch market

Anne von Gleich is a UX writer specialized in the Dutch market. She localizes content, helps in UX research and provides content design feedback. This is her personal portfolio page.

A user experience depends on branding, design, function, usability, and content. But these aspects only pay off if they complement each other. If they don’t, the user will become confused or even disappointed. Therefore, I prefer to work with team members from all disciplines to maximize the experience.

Within this team, everyone should know their users: from their pains to their desires, as well as their cultural or even personal background. In addition, each team member must be aware of the technical and financial (im)possibilities of the project. I always try to maximize my value in the given time (or budget) I got.

UX is a team effort

When you joined the project, it all went a lot easier. I really enjoyed working with you. You are pragmatic, know how to switch quickly, and you can empathize well with what our target group needed. You are also very good at your job. The industry (recruitment) often requires improvising, and you have no problem with switching quickly nor the dynamics of the industry. I would love to work with you again in the future!

Marjon Terpstra
Senior Product Owner Software @ Olympia

I worked with Anne on UX/CRO projects where I was responsible for UX and strategy, and Anne did UX copywriting. Anne was (dare I say this) my favorite team member. She’s sharp and does not hesitate to question decisions if she’s not fully agreeing on them. Always constructive in her feedback, always delivers quality and is very consistent when it comes to her output. Brainstorming on the ideal flows and copy where a breeze and Anne is quick in getting to the core of what needs to be done!

Jorn de Vreede
Sr. Digital Strategist @ Youwe

Besides the fact that Anne is a good copywriter and understands her profession, she actively thinks along with devising concepts. She can look at things from a different angle, and she comes up with workable and pragmatic solutions for communication challenges. That was a breath of fresh air in the projects I worked with Anne.

Olivier Heida
Freelance UX/UI Designer
anne von gleich sans plus

TwinQels – human software

Freelance UX writer and copywriter. Working directly with the two owners, the developer and an external marketeer and UX designer. I worked in the start-up phase of the company.

anne von gleich sans plus


  • Improve the wireframes of the website and rewrite the content
  • Test the app from A-Z and provide feedback on major and minor issues. From storyline (we are missing a screen) to details (this word does not make sense).
  • Discuss the feedback with the client and decide which issues will be solved now, later or never.
  • Edit all the app content that needs improvement.
  • Brainstorm on the problems/frustrations of the target audience and how TwinQels adds to the solution.
  • Writing awareness blogs which are tapping into above subjects, using positive psychology.


  • Multiple target audiences, there is no ‘one size fits all’ communication.
  • Limited budget that has to be divided among the team.
  • A trial and error culture with limited use of research.


  • Choose the most important audience first, keep rest in mind for longterm

  • Invest less in writing, more in editing, it saves time and money

  • Adjust lessons from general UX research to the context of TwinQels

Forever Living – localization from US to the Netherlands

Freelance chief editor and writer for the Dutch website of Forever Living, a worldwide company with a yearly revenue of $3.8 in 2018. I have been working for this company since 2019, when they launched a new website for the Benelux.

anne von gleich sans plus


  • Rewrite the corporate content on the website.
  • Recruit copywriters to write weekly articles.
  • Advise which topics are more / less suitable to the Dutch market.
  • Brief copywriters, make them aware of translation pitfalls and provide feedback on the writing itself.
  • Edit the articles and send them on time to the translators for the Belgian Market (the French-speaking part).
  • A quarterly check on how the domain is ranking in Google. Discuss this with the content marketeer.


  • Most sources for the content are from the corporate in America, so it cannot be directly translated
  • It is hard to sell Aloe Vera products to people who are not even aware of the strength of this plant and the company Forever Living


  • Filter typical American storytelling and examples and replace them with Dutch alternatives.
  • Choose topics that are not directly linked to the brand, but topics that are of interest to potential brand ambassadors. To let the Dutch people get used with the brand name, first.
  • Write SEO-articles to build a strong domain without advertisements. Current status: ranking on 1461 organic keywords with 3000 monthly visitors.

Olympia (Co) – To bring your career to the next level

As UX writer I was the right hand of the strategist, developers, and testers for 9 months. The ‘key’ team existed of 16 persons, the group of stakeholders was ~ 40 people.

Concept in a nutshell

App overview


  • Discussing the concept of the app with the stakeholders and team members, until the key propositions and goals are crystal clear.
  • Researching the language level of low-skilled employees, the main target audience at that time.
  • Creating universal writing rules to ensure that the language level is met, whoever writes the copy in the future.
  • Being briefed by developers about the different functionalities in the app, both UX and content wise.
  • Working sessions with UI/UX designers to experience which combination of tone-of-voice and design works best.
  • Writing the UX content for the app, such as the registration form, welcome message, information buttons, overview page, progress page, profile page, texts for chatbots, questions for personality test, buttons and so on.
  • Writing the copy the campaign that promotes single features of the app. Including social media ads, the landing pages and the follow-up e-mails.


  • Making a complex and emotional topic (job automatization) attractive and accessible to think about.
  • Using language that could be understood by anyone who speaks the least amount of Dutch.
  • To work on a new concept without knowing how the target audience will perceive it.
  • Balance between the long and short-term ambitions of investors, managers and direct colleagues.


  • Scrum working method, with a product owner, scrum master, testers, and other team members.
  • Keep each other updated through stand-ups, Slack messages and working sessions / collaborative brainstorms,
  • Asking a UX researcher to join the project and test the UX and content with the actual target audience.

  • Find and use tools to test if the desired language level (B1) is met. If not, try to find the reasons behind it and fix it.

I saved the best for last. Olympia is my favorite project because it helps individuals grow in their career. Moreover, I loved the dynamic environment in which this project took place.